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Ahmed Adel

👋🏼 About Me

My name is Ahmed – aka Tito. I am a Software Engineer, mainly Android, with +8 years of experience. Currently, I have been a Senior Software Engineer at Zendesk since November 2019. I worked before in well-known and acceptable startups in Egypt like Swvl, Eventtus, DigitalYards, and StarWallet Labs. Proudly, I am one of the EGDroid founders. It helps and mentors Android Engineers. Also, I held several talks in different places like Instabug, Tafra, EGDroid, Trella, Freelance Yard, and Techila Con, where more than +500 techies attended. As a part of the Android Community, I created some open-source android projects and libraries. Besides, I mentored tens of techies and helped them improve their android level to reach seniority. For more details, I did a mentor program for anyone who wants to learn Android from scratch. You can find more information about me by checking my website:

💬 Ask Me About
✔️  How to start learning android or mobile development in general?

During my work experience, I have the privilege to meet people who want to learn android or mobile development in general. Either these people have a software engineers background or not. So, you can ask me anything about how to start, the steps to follow, and what I should do to be a junior mobile engineer and apply for junior vacancies?

✔️  Anything about how to architect native android applications

As a senior/advisor android software engineer in some companies, I had the time to participate in architecting, refactoring, and building native android applications. In building and architecting native mobile android applications, we usually think about making the architecture scalable, testable, maintainable, and easy to understand for all software engineer levels.

✔️  How to work on your career path?

I got the chance to help tens of people reach seniority in their companies or even work on their career path to move from juniors to seniors and from seniors to the next level, whether team lead or staff/principal engineer. So, we can talk about what roadmap can fit the career path you are aiming for.

✔️  Anything about Java, Kotlin, Kotlin Multiplatform, and Ktor

During my experience, I developed android applications in Java and Kotlin. So, I would say that I have decent experience in both programming languages. Also, I worked on small-scale projects with Kotlin in Kotlin Multiplatform and Ktor to help with my little knowledge in that as well.

✔️  Working remotely and Freelancing

I did freelancing two years before with Egyptian and US clients. So, I passed with this experience of brainstorming the idea, estimating the amount of work, the cost of the work, etc.

✔️  Building android open course projects

I got the chance to build an android library when I was working at Eventtus. This open-source project reached more than 450 stars, and more than 150 projects used it. So, I can help with: – What topic can you choose to make it an open-source project? – How to write a catchy README for your open-source project? – How to keep your open-source project maintained? – What android communities can you spread your open source project to?

✔️  Cross of Native, and which one should I choose?

I didn’t have production experience in writing cross-application like Flutter or React Native. Still, I can guide you in choosing which one according to your requirements, needs, and the timeline for building your mobile applications as an individual or even as a startup/company.


  1. Abdalrahman Muhammed (verified owner)

    it was a valuable conversation helped me alot thank you ahmed for your advices

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