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Rasha Salem

👋🏼 About Me

I have been working with communities on different social development topics for the past 10 years. Academically I pursued my studies on Refugee and Migrants, Community Psychology and currently seeking to continue my studies on Effective Management for impact-driven social development prevention and intervention programming. Besides university-based education, I also developed my skills through a few and structured training programs such as Global Women in Management 6 Month Training and 1 month of extensive Research Training followed by another 8-month training related to Research and social change. Professionally, I have worked with numerous international and local NGOs. I started as a volunteer and most recently took the Projects management and Programming Design Experience. Throughout my experiences, I focused on working with sensitive communities such as Unaccompanied and Separated youth and Adolescents and Sexual and Gender-Based Violence Survivors. My work was always focused on piloting, executing, and sharing learnings about Multi-sectoral projects aimed for improved livelihoods, access to education, and developed protection-related response programs.

💬 Ask Me About

✔️  The science of community resilience and well-being

✔️  Effective and efficient program design

✔️  Projects implementation in the development sector

✔️  Projects management in the development sector, with a specific focus on team engagement and motivation

✔️  Practical team management techniques based on proper engagement

✔️  Refugee context

✔️  Civil society actors, jobs, personal development plans

✔️  Practical ways to develop a sense of self-care, self-awareness, and well-being while building a career in the development sector

✔️  Building effective relations for community change (community-based leaders, organizations, and partners).

✔️  Social and Action Research


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