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Rita Badawi

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From day 1 in my career journey I’ve been working in IT, first in customer support and moving up and across organizations into IT operations and delivery services. This is where my passion for leadership continued to grow and evolve. Along the road I was introduced to Agile via one of my mentors, who thought I had the right mindset to help our company transform. I learned so much on my Agile journey and my key passion is helping people unlock the correct agile mindset, because from thereon, you’re really being agile not just doing agile.

Along the way I mentored many very successful people, and from that experience not only was I able to help them, they also helped me to continue growing and evolving. Mentorship in my view is a two-way street where both parties benefit tremendously. When I am not working or in a mentorship session, I enjoy reading, baking, hanging out with my family and listening to various genres of music.

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Agile Mindset, Agile Leadership, Agile Transformations, Personal Branding, Team Management, Strategic Management, Business Cases, Presentation Skills, Facilitation Skills.


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