8 weeks. 1 goal.
Make something
that matters to you.

Challenge begins in January 2024.


It's time to make
your ideas a reality.
Make it happen already.
Make it to the finish line.
Make 2024 your year.

Dreamers * Makers * Artists * Developers * Designers * Writers * Creators *

Calling all dreamers, makers, designers, developers, artists, writers, creators...

It's time to
make that art,
build that app,
launch that website,
write that thesis,
work on that idea,
create what you want!

Magic happens when we make things together.

#Collective momentum
#Community support
#Peer mentorship
#Fireside chats

What to expect

Weekly Community Check-in's

We’ll hold weekly group meetings to support each other on the journey and address any challenges.

Peer Mentorship & Support

We’ll support each other with our skills and in making each others’ ideas and project come to life.

Fireside Chats

We’ll talk about topics we care about, challenges we all face and how to make it together to the finish line.

Feedback & Magical Progress!

When our collective power comes together, each person is empowered with energy & magic happens!

Did we mention it's free to join?
Call all the makers you know!

Feeling adventurous? Pledge an amount & we'll pay it back to you once you complete the challenge. If not, consider it a donation to our community 😉

Ready to make your
idea / goal / project / dream
happen this new year?

Got any questions? Email us at [email protected]