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Abdullah Al Qayyim

👋🏼 About Me

Abdullah is an activist, technologist, and an award-winning social innovator who recently moved to Canada. He founded several initiatives and worked in the US, UAE, India, Jordan, and Canada both in the full profit and nonprofit sectors. He is a fellow for multiple leadership programs and has trained more than 500 people in various fields. He believes everyone has the potential to make the world a better place if they do work that aligns with their personality and values. He tries to combine the world of technology with social innovation and the world of business with people and community.

💬 Ask Me About

✔️  Ideation and design thinking

✔️  Market research and market validation

✔️  Technical and business feasibility

✔️  B2C marketing and growth hacking

✔️  Building MVPs and product development with low resources

✔️  UX research and customer discovery

✔️  UX best practices

✔️  Project management for startups

✔️  Hiring/finding co-founders and the initial team


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