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Ahmed Abuiliazeed

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Ahmed is a Software Product Manager at Nilepreneurs, he is an enthusiast Techie, co-founded Qafeer labs a Technology Community space, He ran a successful crowdfunding campaign for Qafeer Makerspace to fund Machinery for the Digital fabrication lab for Qafeer Makerspace, he Holds MSc. degree in Management of Technology from Nile University, He worked as a product manager in several Tech startups, he won the first place in 1864 FinTech Hackathon Cairo with his startup Save.it a Promotion Management Platform for offline Retailers, and he was the finalist in Harvard Arab weekend Boston, MA., Ahmed is a software product manager currently working for Nile University Nilepreneurs Software Incubator with a focus on SaaS, Gamification, Fintech and Digital Transformation.

πŸ’¬ Ask Me About
πŸ’‘ Idea to Prototype
  • Simplifying the idea into a feasible product and a simple Business Model that could be built using limited resources into a short period of time
  • Implementing Rapid Prototyping techniques using ready made scripts, No code tools, Multifunction CMS or Web app builders to build a working prototype.
πŸ’» Prototype to MVP
  • Breaking down the targeted customer segments to select the beachhead market that we will start with and focus on in the MVP stage
  • Using Bottom Up approach to define early adopters and how to directly access them for MVP validation
  • Turning the Prototype into a minimum version of a desirable product after interacting with potential customers hence customizing the prototype into the MVP
πŸš€ MVP to Private Beta launch
  • Helping startups to define their pricing and help them with the Payment Integration
  • Planning the Private Beta Launch using limited resources
  • Getting startups to generate Ramen Profitability in a short period of time to increase their survivability chance and attract investment


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