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Ahmed El Zoughby

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Being in love with well-thought user experiences his whole life, Ahmed El Zoughby joined the design scene from the gates of Architecture, in 2012, Ahmed joined a tech blog as an editor intrigued by the sensational experiences brought to us by technology and design on our lives. He reshuffled his expertise to better suit technology, learning Industrial & Digital Product Design by practice. In 2017, he got to show his first well-known project with Voxera as the lead Industrial Designer till their successful Kickstarter campaign. He’s the principal designer of AZ Design Studio, an independent multidisciplinary design studio that adores design for what it truly is; planned simple functionality delivered through delightful experiences. He’s also the Chief Design Officer at XIOT handling all things design. Ahmed works at the crossroads between design and technology with a deep focus on Internet of Things Solutions and consumer electronics products.

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Mainly I’m closely tied with anything Design related at these fields. I view Design as strategy planning first and later comes the sensory UIs. So you may have a problem prioritizing features with a product you have, reaching a block in a certain area, or just need a framework to work on. What I’m definitely won’t be helping you with is anything that is tool-related or easily explainable with a tutorial.

✔️ Designer Mindset
✔️ Brand Design
✔️ Design Process
✔️ Design Process ROI
✔️ Design Hypothesis Validation
✔️ Design System
✔️ Design Language
✔️ Design Decision Making


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