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Islam Ellawendy

👋🏼 About Me

A Business Analyst by nature, I worked as an ERP Consultant for more than 7 years till reaching the Projects team leading role. This has made me engage with end users, build empathies towards them and build solutions tailored for their needs. On the other side I have my love for data, took the Udacity Data Analyst course and finished off with a new set of skills, I even mentored data students for a year (Plus a year and a half in LEONI as a Supply Chain Data Analyst opened my eyes to this love affair :D).

In 2020, Covid hit and changed my plans in life completely, but it opened an opportunity to me to knit my last piece of my career move, Product Management. Now, I am proud o my title as a Product Manager, in simple terms I combine Data & Insights with my Business experience to come up with the hirable products that our users need. I wrote more than 500 user stories with feature requests, oversaw 10 major deployments and releases that shaped Startups Galaxy to what it is now, my humble contribution aided in raising our startup’s value to six figures in USD.

On the fun side, I am a diver, a gamer, traveler. Love running and back to swimming, also I love everything tech and headphones. I have a small dog called buzz. I love to help others in my domain in Product Management, and contribute to promoting PM in Egypt and in the region.

💬 Ask Me About

The product career & resources I will not provide you an answer, but I will share with your resources, talk of experiences with disclaimer that it is not some advice. My sole objective here is to guide you to eye openers and aid you to wisely make your choices on your own.

✔️ Problem Statement

How to formulate a proper problem statement, by design problem statements tackle an objective (OKR/KPI) that improves your product significantly

✔️ Build Hypotheses & Validate them

Hypotheses frameworks such and such for what you might need to build your product around, validating these hypotheses generated as part of the Product discovery is a crucial point, whether you track events, questionnaire or interview your users

✔️ Data Analysis

The main core of everything you do, how to do a proper data analysis process, whether hands-on or with a team collab, how to detect anomalies and work through on solving them

✔️ Define Product Metrics

The basics which you could consider for your PM role, to guide you towards the product’s performance

✔️ Team communications

How to tackle the cross-functional barrier and align business with Tech side.

✔️ Conduct User interviews

Not any less important, proper user interviews are insights

✔️ Competitor Analysis

How to gather data from the market. More importantly how this data can be translated to a) information and market performance b) Insights c) Inspirations


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