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Mohammed Hassan

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I am a data engineer who has 4+ years of experience in data engineering, data ETL, data mining/analysis, and Data Developer Substantially experienced in designing and executing solutions for complex business problems involving large-scale data warehousing, real-time analytics, and reporting solutions. I am familiar with frameworks such as Apache Spark, Apache Storm, and the classic MapReduce and Hadoop. These technologies help in Big Data processing which can be streamed to a great extent. I am experienced with relational like Oracle and SQLServer and non -relational database like Cassandra and MongoDB.

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βœ”οΈ How to build Data Products
βœ”οΈ How to build Data Pipelines
βœ”οΈ How to build DataOps best practices
βœ”οΈ How to build Cloud Data Solutions
βœ”οΈ How to build Big Data Environments
βœ”οΈ How to build data tools



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