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Yasmine Amin

👋🏼 About Me

Yasmine Amin is a creative generalist and digital product designer and an aspiring interdisciplinarian keen to explore the intersections of design, technology, philosophy with social impact. While completing her bachelor studies in Electronics & Communications Engineering, she became a self-taught graphic designer and has worked since 2012 at several entities addressing various social causes. In 2017, she shifted to UI/UX and digital product design and since then has found her passion and mission to help design technology for social impact in education.

💬 Ask Me About

✔️  How to build design systems in Figma

✔️  How to develop a brand and visual identity

✔️  How to create designs for events, social media campaigns, printings…etc.

✔️  How to audit user interface and experience design in mobile and web applications


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